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breeding and textile processing in alpaca wool


Our story

It all started in 2009, the year in which we bought the first three alpacas of our herd. Since that March 21st of thirteen years ago many things have changed, first of all our lifestyle.

The only constant is the passion and commitment with which we carry out our work, guaranteeing our animals the physical and mental well-being they need and creating unique, artisanal, sustainable and quality products.

Why choosing the alpaca?

Tired of looking after our very large and inaccessible lawns, we decided to buy animals that could act as lawnmowers and save us land maintenance work. The choice fell, after a long series of considerations, on the alpaca, which immediately stole our hearts, a little for its appearance and a little for its temperament.

Alpacas are camelids native to Latin America, where they are raised in large groups
on the highlands of the area. Two types of hair, suri and huacaya, a range of 22 different colors
available in nature, the production of a naturally lanolin-free high-quality fiber and the capacity
to adapt to almost all the environments in which they can find themselves make this animal unique.

Tradition and experience with a look to the future

Starting from the fiber of our animals, we create textile products respecting Biella's textile tradition, but paying close attention to the impact on the environment of the latter.

Precisely for this reason we do not use chemicals and we minimize the waste of water, energy and raw materials.


A holistic and sustainable approach

Living in close contact with nature has made us understand the close relationship existing between animal, human and environment well-being. 

Sustainability lies in seeking a balance between these three elements. Free pastures and natural food contribute to animal welfare leading to the production of a fine and long fiber, ideal for its processing; choosing to wear natural fabrics can only improve human health, reducing allergic reactions, and that of the environment, which is not defaced by aggressive chemicals.

Furthermore, preferring a quality product, durable over time and customizable according to your needs, over fast fashion represents an important step in reducing emissions and pollution on the planet.



Frazione Lovrino, 6 - 13835 Valdilana (Biella) - Piemonte -  Italy

Tel. +393473625681 

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